Portofino - San Fruttuoso

Difficulties Medium
Time 1h 50'
Signs Segnavia Portofino mare - San Fruttuoso

More details

This route, very scenic, but it does not present major difficulties must be pointed out that the initial stretch is a steep and strenuous climb.

The departure is in Via Fondaco, the road to the parking lot at the bottom of Portofino, which goes through under the Carabinieri station.

Beyond the hotel, the road turns into a flight of wide stone steps and concrete, very well kept, which winds through the vegetation.

After 10 ', in the locality Palara, a gate bars access but only to prevent the entry of wild animals, then you can go with the recommendation to close it behind.
At the exit of a short tunnel created by the shrubs, left to the right, the detour to the village of San Sebastian, the trail continues to climb straight.

A second gate meets a little later to Cappeletta, turn right after 50 meters the trail forks: left reaches "Base 0" (and then San Fruttuoso), right up to Pietre strette.

The trail, mostly dirt roads and flat, winds through the countryside to places Vessinaro, where the deviation to "Cala degli Inglesi" (beautiful cove accessible only by feet or by boat), the path goes right under the chestnut trees and after 5 'is entered, a short distance, on a steep paved road that ends* in front of some houses.

Having taken the path on the left that move to the western side of the promontory that overlooks the numerous coves below, alternating short stretches to flatter many ups and downs in the midst of protruding rocks, we arrive, after 1 hour and 10 'from the start, in the locality Base 0.

Base 0, military post during World War II, is today a staging point from which panoramic, turning right you can get stones Narrow.

From here the trail enters the woods and down in a steep and irregular, with large panoramic views over the village.

The arrival in San Fruttuoso is based at the landing of helicopters, from here you continue in the middle of some homes and, passing under a porch, you enter the first of two enchanting bays.


* Stretch of road accessible to scooters and small vehicles available to the inhabitants of the hamlet.

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The Park of Portofino is a peaceful oasis where you can walk completely immersed in nature, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
Beauty is priceless, to appear, as they descend from the summit, the picturesque fishing villages overlooking the Golfo Paradiso and Tigullio. From the colorful houses of Camogli to famous VIP square of Portofino, from the rocky Punta Chiappa to elegant Santa Margherita Ligure, from unmistakable Paraggi turquoise sea to little bay of San Fruttuoso di Camogli.
The many paths through the Monte di Portofino differ in length and difficulty making it possible for anyone to access it by choosing, according to their capacity, a simple and short walk or a more challenging path.



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