Rapallo - Santuario di Caravaggio - Ruta di Camogli

Time2h 40'

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TimeFrom 2h to 3h

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The starting point of this hike is in Santa Maria del Campo (Rapallo fraction of easily accessible by bus) at the restaurant "I tre Ulivi." It is recommended to start with a good supply of water because, along the way, do not meet either or sources of drinking water taps.

Following the directions, take the paved road behind the restaurant and walk about 100 meters until you see on the left, a stone staircase leading to the "Ruins of St. Thomas" (XII century). Here follow the road in front of the site that goes over the highway, then turn right to reach the trail that goes up farmhouses and cultivated groups.

The trail crosses rising in some places, the road. you go straight ahead along the "creuze", always marked by segnavia , until you get to places called "Spotà", where the barrier defines a private property.
On the left is a staircase, well kept, which goes up through beautiful villas with gardens to get a last stretch of paved road. You continue up the steep staircase, made up of narrow, irregular steps, which goes into the woods and come to a detour. Both paths lead to the Sanctuary, but we recommend you opt for the left one which is regularly reported and is more accessible and passes the "Croce di Spotà."

As we climb, the route is less steep, with sweeping views of the valley opposite. The path forward now on a plane, surrounded by shrubs, and arrives at the landing platform helicopter (the only alternative to reach Caravaggio).

At this point, with a last effort, take the 136 steps that separate you from the Sanctuary (615mt. above sea level), you will be rewarded with a priceless view.

The way back down to the platform and take the right path, a wide path of stone and concrete marked by three red dots.
The first turn, continue to the left (right down to it Recco). From this point forward is the signal segnaviasegnavia. For the first stretch on the plain, where the right you'll see a shack that serves as a refuge, followed by a large lawn, much sought after destination for picnics.

At this point we suggest you leave the traditional route (which continues straight and well marked), to follow a path, maybe a little longer, but certainly more scenic. Go up the hill to your right where, without difficulty, find a narrow path, but clean, that goes up through thick vegetation to reach a repeater which offers a very wide view of the entire valley. Follow the trail of earth and stones, steep enough, now descends along the ridge, including wild thyme scented plants, and look to your left Rapallo, and to the right Recco city.
At the height of a station hunt wild boar, the alternative route rejoins the traditional path to arrive at a detour, from which you have to go straight.

After another wide, the trail descends, shaded, with a series of stone steps and through a different vantage point to get to a meadow in spring is transformed into a carpet of primroses and violets.
Followed by a descent that begins surrounded by bush to continue, gradually you get closer to homes, dry walls and between age and ends at Via Caravaggio, near the Millennial church of Ruta di Camogli.

For the return trip by bus to see the line Rapallo "Rapallo-San Martino di Noceto-Ruta" or "Rapallo-Ruta-Recco".

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