Rapallo - Santa Margherita Ligure


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This does not suggest that there is a hiking trail, but a nice walk that connects Rapallo and Santa Margherita Ligure, avoiding the traffic of the coast.

The starting point is in Via Macera, a little side of C.so Colombo who are facing the marina of Rapallo. Follow the paved road, turn left, walk in front of a former German Evangelical Church dating back to 1909. After a few meters away, leave the paved road to continue on the stone staircase on your left (next to the imposing entrance of a house).

So arrive at a gate (always open) that lets you enter in Via San Nicola, the path from the so-called Bridge of Hannibal. Turn left to reach, in short, the Via Aurelia to the west. Easily found, right to left, advancing the pedestrian path between fences walls of beautiful villas, offering, here and there, panoramic views over the bay of San Michele di Pagana. Left out all the deflection you meet (all those on the left down towards the beach) and go straight ahead to come out of a road in San Michele di Pagana.

Follow the road downhill, passing among the houses, which you reach via Fioria go to the left for about 300 meters. When the road forks, keep right to take away immediately Via Donega, the street on your right, before passing under the railway bridge.

Be very careful here because there is no indication, and when we passed us (July 2011), a barrier to access hidden mule trail.
The path, very narrow, at the beginning of Via Donega, left, between the scale of a palace and a private road leading up to some houses.

The trail, which as you can see below, is called Via Banchi, rises between two high stone walls and reaches a first junction where you turn right to meet P.so of Alloro. Here you go left, past some houses, to get to a staircase where you can enjoy wide view of Santa Margherita Ligure.

Walk down the stone steps that, with a pass over the railway station, take you to Santa Margherita Ligure, Via Roma, at the intersection with Via Pagana.

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