I walk safely

07/06/2020 04:54

  • CHOOSE ROUTES SUITABLE for your skills and those of your family, avoid routes you don't know and without signposts. If in doubt about the route, go back. It is better to give up than to risk;
  • In the mountains you should NEVER GO ALONE, if you have no alternatives choose easy routes and in areas where there is coverage of the mobile telephone network;
  • BEFORE LEAVING ALWAYS INFORMED the Regional Park Bodies and the Sportello della Montagna (infosportellomontagna@cailiguria.it) about the characteristics of the path you want to travel, the length and the degree of difficulty and verify that there are no temporary ordinances that regulate the travel method: for various reasons, in addition to the health emergency, local authorities may in fact limit or regulate access to some paths;
  • An excursion in the company of an enabled HIKING ENVIRONMENTAL GUIDE (GAE) can offer you the opportunity to walk the paths in complete safety and help you discover the incredible wealth of flora, fauna and biodiversity of our natural environments. Get information from the Park Authorities to find out about the guided excursion programs or consult the Regional List of Environmental Hiking Guides;
  • If your destination is a refuge TAKE CONTACT WITH THE MANAGER, get information on how to access the structure (e.g. reservation obligation, mandatory measures to be taken in the common areas) and the services it can offer you (e.g. take away refreshment, quota nights, etc);
  • PUT IN THE BACKPACK a sufficient amount of water and food, a first aid kit, ready-to-use hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer and some other things that can be very useful such as a protective sunscreen, a torch , don't forget the mask and always wear it when circumstances require it (*). Help the small commercial enterprises of the hinterland, enter a shop and buy the typical products of the place to take home!
  • INFORMED ABOUT WEATHER FORECASTS. On the spot, observe the evolution of weather conditions, especially wind and fog. Do not walk the paths in adverse weather conditions in order not to put your safety and that of others at risk;
  • During the walk ALWAYS RESPECT THE SOCIAL DISTANCE, do not invade the personal sphere by keeping yourself at the right distance from the others, which must not be less than 1 meter. Give precedence to those who descend. stepping aside or backing away just enough to allow you to keep the right distance. If in spite of yourself you are on paths that do not allow distancing, wear the mask (*);
  • Leave the haste at home, the paths are not tracks. If you are a RUNNER or a BIKER, always proceed at an appropriate speed and stop if you meet other people, making it easier for them to pass and ensuring that they are at least 2 meters apart (*);
  • DO NOT LEAVE WASTE of any kind: paper handkerchiefs (with their annoying "optical white") and leftover food waste! At your house you wouldn't throw them on the ground;
  • DO NOT LIGHT FIRES in nature only in permitted areas; respect the rules of use and leave clean and tidy. Remember that rest areas and equipment (such as short sections of rope or chain) are in common use and are not sanitized;
  • GUARDIAN DOGS are essential to protect flocks and herds from predators: approach them with respect and do not run, if you can not create havoc by crossing the flocks and discreetly removed;
  • RESPECT THE ANIMALS, if you encounter ungulates (wild boars, roe deer, etc.) or other wildlife discreetly removed and not interfere with their activities because this could disturb them or, worse, involve a risk to your safety;
  • In case of emergency, call the SINGLE EMERGENCY NUMBER 112: the operator will forward the communication to the competent subjects.

(*) measures adopted following the epidemiological emergency and in line with the measures to contain the contagion from Sars-Cov-2 (subject to changes according to the evolution of the health emergency). MAY 2020