Portofino vetta - Base 0 - San Fruttuoso

Time1h 30'
SignsSegnavia Pietre strette - San Frutttuoso

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TimeFrom 1h to 2h

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Once in Portofino Vetta (using its own resources or on foot from Ruta), take the stairway to the park which is located behind the luxurious Hotel.

Turn right and continue straight on the wide gravel path, ignoring the various deviations that meet. At the first rest area equipped with table, benches and tap water in places Gaixella, followed by another in the locality Pietre strette, an important crossroads of Park ok Portofino.

Go through this scenic part, characterized by huge boulders of the conglomerate, and continue on the main trail junction you come across a few meters ahead. Here, turn right and follow signs for Base O.

The trail, which follows the ridge of the Mount and has much panoramic viewpoints, advancing on a slight slope up to town Felciara, a clearing amid the ferns for parking facilities (to the left, Bocche, on the path Portofino Vetta - Portofino sea).
Soon you meet the locality Ghidelli, from which a connection for the path that leads to Portofino beach and Costa Ghidelli, from where a small turnout to the road that leads to San Fruttuoso from Pietre strette.

The journey continues now comes down to location Base 0, with trunks of trees where it is now used as a staging point the original shade. To the left begins the scenic route that leads to Portofino. San Fruttuoso, however, you must continue on the path marked on the right by segnavia Base zero - San Fruttuoso.

The descent, which develops in the bush, gradually you get closer to the town becomes increasingly steep and bumpy but the views on the Abbey and the bay is also suggestive do you do.

You arrive at the heliport, and from there, going through the houses of the fishermen, you come first to the beach and then, passing under Tower Doria, the Abbey and the Heart of San Fruttuoso di Camogli.

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