Portofino Vetta - Pietre strette

Length Km.1,180
SignsSegnavia Portofino vetta - San Fruttuoso

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TimeUp to 1h

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This route is certainly the most frequented in the “Portofino Mt.” not only because it is the gateway to all other paths, but also because it is a simple and pleasant walk that does not require any special ability and is therefore suitable for anyone.

The trail, mostly flat with some gently sloping tract, starts from the Park entrance, behind the hotel and passing under the unaesthetic antennas Rai (Italian TV), and after 5' minutes arrives in the locality of Gaixella.

This small area, a crossroads of many paths (Semaforo Nuovo, Semaforo Vecchio, San Rocco), is equipped with benches, wooden tables and a drinking water faucet.

The path continues maintaining the wide shady path that quickly and easily, getting to Pietre Strette, the most important path-center in the Promontory of Portofino.

(thanks to http://www.come-to-liguria.it/wordpress/ for the translation)

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