Nozarego - Cappelletta della Gave - Olmi


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This trail is not only a pleasant walk suitable for everyone, offers many opportunities to go to other places of Mount Portofino, taking even more challenging routes.

Once in Nozarego, by car (parking is across the street), bus or by feet from Santa Margherita Ligure, we must take the hill near the church, at the bus stop. The trail initially surrounded by shrubs continues in the midst of "fasce" and runs past several villas surrounded by gardens overlooking the sea to connect with one another lane from Nozarego.

Follows a mostly flat and scenic section, where you can see "Punta pedale", the Abbey of Cervara and the entire Gulf, which comes in the place where stands a small chapel Gave. At this crossroads (left is down to Paraggi, on the right path in the woods comes to town Crocetta), below the church, we report a tap for drinking water.

Keeping the cobbled path that climbs shaded, cross, then, farmland, rural houses and a tiny chapel (which offers a beautiful view) to the place called Mulini. Here we find a rest area equipped with tables, benches and drinking water and the "Mulino del Gassetta", eating and eco-museum, you will also notice the deviation for Crocetta (a town on top of the trajectory Portofino Portofino-sea).

Beyond the beautiful restored mill, a short, steep descent leads to the road (on the left begins the Mill Valley), now a driveway, which in a flat and shaded by chestnut trees it joins the path from Portofino to the sea and mountain, this meeting point is, in fact, places Olmi.

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