Portofino - Punta del Giasso

DifficultiesMedium - higth
SignsSegnavia Portofino mare - San Fruttuoso

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TimeUp to 1h

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Punta del Giasso is one of the few coves accessible on foot through the regular paths of the Park of Portofino.
The difficulty level "medium high" that we have assigned to this trip, which also reports the Park Authority as a demanding, is determined primarily by the last stretch of trail that requires special attention.

The itinerary begins in via del Fondaco on the paved road at the bottom of the car park of Portofino, which passes under the police station.
After passing the hotel, keep left to take, just after the steep staircase, made of large stone steps, which climbs up in the midst of bands mostly covered by brambles.

Cross and close the gate that blocks the road and continue straight on ignoring the two detours to San Sebastiano you meet along the trail.

Once in the place Cappelletta, crossed a second gate that are close to a house and turn left where a few meters later, the signs for Punta del Giasso encountered. There is no signpost but there is no possibility of mistake because it is a single path, well marked, right down to the bay with no diversions.

The ground is completely covered with leaves makes the first part of the path a bit slippery, but it's only a matter of a few meters because, just out of the bush, the path becomes easier and more enjoyable.

You find yourself now on a path of earth and rock, framed by a beautiful natural setting, amidst the lush vegetation creeps gradually losing altitude.

With a series of switchbacks to reach a narrow passage between rock formations, and with due prudence Continue past (no protection), walk down the steep stone stairway that gives access to the bay of Punta del Giasso.

WARNING: Mark informs us of the problems in the final part of the descent to Punta Giasso; we report in full its message:

"... I wanted to inform you that the aforementioned steep stairway has collapsed, so it is necessary to overcome an almost vertical earthy stretch of about 3 meters. There is a chain that helps, but the passage is quite exposed. Furthermore, immediately afterwards, an earthy traverse of a few meters must also be exposed; eventually you can keep to some strong outcropping roots. Overall the descent is rather delicate, a 10 mm rope with a carabiner was useful to me in this case..."

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