San Rocco - Punta Chiappa

Length Km2,540
SignsTwo squares

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This itinerary is marked with 2 fill squares that allow you to make it without any difficult.

Got over the large square of the Church of San Rocco, go on in Via Mortola, the nice promenade on the sea, and after 200 mt. turn right, going down the steep flight of steps.

The footpath goes on, shaded, among some houses until the little square of the medieval Church of San Nicolò di Capodimonte: this church is worth a stop, only to admire the beautiful panorama.

From here, you have two chances to reach the sea: continue along the suitable and short flight of steps that arrives at Punta Chiappa through the nice village of Porto Pidocchio or take the little street on the left side of the Church.

We recommend, for the descent, to choose the last suggestion, because less people takes it and, moreover, you can see fantastic view about the Gulf and Punta Chiappa.

A gangway, parallel to the cliff, where you can find some little restaurant, links the “Punta” with the little inlet of Porto Pidocchio, ending in the locality called “Mulino del Moro”.

From here you can climb up again to San Rocco with a slope with about 1000 steps that, in locality San Nicolò, rejoins the first footpath.

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