San Rocco Camogli - Batterie - Punta Chiappa

Length Km3,520
SignsSegnavia San Rocco - San Fruttuoso

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TimeUp to 1h

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This time we propose a recently restored old path (July 2012) and re-open to hikers. This is the fascinating path which, descending through the remains of the bunker, built by the Germans during World War II, arriving in Punta Chiappa.

The starting point of our walk is San Rocco di Camogli, which can be achieved either using its own resources (remember to park before the barrier that restricts the passage to residents only), by bus or by feet from Camogli

Arrived in the churchyard of St. Rocco, the beautiful panoramic terrace overlooking the Golfo Paradiso, continue along the path along the sea. After a few minutes, passed a first path that leads down to Punta Chiappa (via St. Nicholas), cross Mortola village, a small group of houses of character.

Once past the village, met a few more homes and, on the left, a source of drinking water, then the trail enters the forest and comes after about 20 minutes, in the locality Fornelli, where you must continue straight. After a part on a sloping plain follow some ups and downs of rock steps uneven but easy to ride and a short climb that takes you out of the bush, in a highly scenic.

After about 40 minutes away from arriving in locality Groppo Marso, where you get to a detour to Punta Chiappa, a path a few yards it connects with what we have chosen us and that you will find, well signposted, a little later in locality Batterie.

After the first bunker, encountered the first of a series of detours that lead to "articles of war", the various positions occupied by the Germans. The advice is to go and visit these interesting bunkers, but if you have little time left to continue on the dirt path, follow the signs to Punta Chiappa you can view below you.

Almost the entire route is formed by steps (sometimes a little high) concrete and railing that facilitate the descent.
After the second bunker, the trail climbs to connect with the trail coming from Groppo Marso, and continuing to the left, arrives near the bunker that the sea can be seen clearly stand out in the middle of greenery.

Always keep to the left, going down in the middle of a forest that gives some panoramic point of Camogli; overcome an old electrical substation in a short plan anticipates the wooden staircase which ends your route between Punta Chiappa, continuing to the left, and Porto Pidocchio, to right.

Here the path from the GPS

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