Portofino Vetta - Semaforo Nuovo

Length Km.2,000
SignsSegnavia Gaixella - Semaforo nuovo

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TimeUp to 1h

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Having gone over access to the park behind the hotel, continue on the main road leading to the turning to Pietre strette, up to deviation in Gaixella locality.

Here, turn right and proceed along the flat trail, which alternates shaded by the foliage of trees in the most scenic stretches, shortly after the road starts to climb up to the Paradise refuge.

Beyond the small shelter, we recommend to leave, temporarily, the path and follow the directions and in 5 minutes leads to the "Rocca del Falco", a viewpoint consists of a small terrace overlooking Camogli and which embraces the entire Paradise gulf.

After this pleasant deviation continue on the path to the main trail that comes in an easy manner Toca places, where you can enjoy the shaded wooden benches for a break.

From here, follow the path marked by a red triangle (segnavia Toca - Semaforo nuovo),in 5 'to reach the large square on which stands the "Semaforo Nuovo".

From this location not only enjoys a wide view that goes from Capo Mele to the Tino island, but you can see the different types of vegetation in the park and a large variety of birds and for this reason we recommend you a ride in clear days.

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