Portofino Vetta - San Fruttuoso

DifficultiesMedium - Low
Time1h 30'
SignsSegnavia Portofino vette - San Fruttuoso

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TimeFrom 1h to 2h

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Starting point for this excursion is Portofino Vetta, you can achieve with your media or by feet from Ruta di Camogli.

Park the car in the square you can find on your right, heading towards the 'Hotel, pass and take the short stone stairway that gives access to the Park.

Continue right (left to return Ruta) and continue straight on ignoring the first left turn (to San Lorenzo della Costa), and two others, on the right, you will encounter in places Gaixella.

Gaixella is a stopping point equipped with benches, table and tap water, such as Pietre Strette, which met soon after. Here, turn right and passing through the huge boulders of conglomerate rock on the continued well-marked trail that descends to the San Fruttuoso.

The trail, all downhill, start from the shaded woods and consists of a series of switchbacks. After about 20 'minutes to reach the source Caselle, and soon after an old mill, now restored and converted into a farmhouse.

From here, alternate sections sunny, in the midst of bands cultivated with olive trees, and stretches along more than a small shaded stream, until the sixteenth century Torre Doria, well worth a visit.

A steep staircase leads to the Abbey and comes out the back way to the enchanting village.

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