Santa Margherita Ligure - Pietre strette

Time1h 10'
SignsSegnavia Santa margherita ligure - Pietre strette

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TimeFrom 1h to 2h

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The departure is in Costasecca right next to the hospital. After about 300 meters after leaving the paved driveway to continue, right, and bands on the trail that runs along private property and is marked by two diamond shapes (segnavia). 

Beyond the first deviation for Nozarego (after 20 minutes of walking), after another 10 minutes on a path that alternates between stretches of paved road to gravel paths it encounters a second. From here on, the path becomes quite steep with steps often high and irregular until arriving at "Costa d'aria" by crossing a short detour that leads to the "Croce di San Siro" (2 minutes), an old cross of 1937.

The path continues uphill after a few meters crossing the detour to Mount Pollone and after another 15 minutes the deviation for high Dolcina and San Lorenzo della Costa.

The last stretch of climb is very steep but just as exciting, it crosses the narrow stone path - Portofino, turn right after 5 minutes of walking on level ground, you get to Pietre strette (about 1 hour and 10 'from the start) .

The route is about 95% of its development in the shadow of Ilex, chestnut and oak.

To not make the return on the same road, we recommend resuming the path narrow Stones - Portofino (segnavia) and, in the locality Bocche, about 15 'walk, turn left towards Monte Pollone and after a further 5', arrived in a large drop in Cross left in the direction of S. Siro.

This stretch of road (approximately 10 'from Stones Narrow), there was a lookout where unmissable, comfortably seated on a bench you can see San Lorenzo della Costa and Santa Margherita Ligure.

A fairly steep trail and not well maintained (it seems to be a stream dry) will bring you back, after 20 ', in Costa d'aria, intersection with the path made to go, from there go down the path until you return to the previous the starting point, Costasecca street.

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